Parliament Prorogued Until March

The next session of Parliament, which was scheduled to resume on January 25, 2010, was prorogued today until March. The next throne speech is scheduled for March 3, 2010. CBC’s Carole MacNeil interviews University of Toronto professor Nelson Wiseman about today’s proroguing of Parliament:

Nelson Wiseman on Proroguation

I could find no official announcement on the Government of Canada, Prime Minister, or Governor General’s websites. The CBC has some coverage for anyone looking for additional details. Hat tip to Wayne MacPhail for pointing out this video news clip.


  1. Does this mean that we don’t have to pay them while on extended vaction.

  2. Heh–great question. My understanding is that, when not on Parliament Hill, our MPs are typically doing work with constituents in their individual ridings. I’m curious to know if anyone here does talk to their Member of Parliament and can confirm that?