Handy Chart Summarizing Changes to Ontario’s Rules of Civil Procedure

[A post for Ontario lawyers]

As of January 1, 2010, big changes to three parts of Ontario’s Rules of Civil Procedure came into effect. These changes are intended to streamline the litigation process and increase access to justice. Many of the changes to the rules are a result of the Civil Rules Committees (CRC) consideration of the Osborne report. These are the most extensive amendments to the Rules of Civil Procedure since they were first adopted in 1985. There are no general transitional provisions and in most cases these amendments apply to existing proceedings.

Taran Virtual Associates has created a handy chart that has a side by side comparison of the old and new rules. Ontario lawyers should make sure they are familiar with the changes to the rules.

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  1. Thanks for this Dan.

    I have a hard copy of the document somewhere that I got from them directly at a conference, but like everything these days, if it’s not digital, I’m not likely to use it regularly.

  2. An updated version came out today, which includes the changes due to O. Reg. 436/10 dealing with rule 48.04.