Adobe Acrobat X Top New Features – Free E-Seminar

On November 16 at 10am PST the people at Adobe are putting on a free e-seminar to review the top new features of Acrobat X. It will include demonstrations of the top new features of Acrobat X Pro that will interest legal professionals, including:

  • The new, easier-to-use interface.
  • How to accurately save scanned documents directly to editable Word and Excel files.
  • How to improve optical character recognition (OCR), even spot and correct OCR errors.
  • The enhanced Redaction capabilities that help save time and improve productivity.
  • How to automate, standardize, and share multi-step tasks for PDF production— using the new Action Wizard.
  • How to easily and quickly capture search information by saving Search Results to a file
  • A sneak peek at new, free Actions designed for legal professionals.

Rick Borstein will host this e-seminar and it will feature other experts on Acrobat from Adobe. Few (if any) people know more about using Acrobat in a legal setting than Rick. This seminar will help you better appreciate how you can use the more advanced features of Acrobat in a legal setting.

You can register here:

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