LTNY 2012 Talking Technology to Lawyers

I have the pleasure of attending LegalTech 2012 in New York this week. Though I came to NYC to talk to vendors of legal technology products as my primary purpose, there have been some interesting learning opportunities as well. One session I attended yesterday was titled “Talking Technology to Lawyers”.

The session was moderated by Gina Buser of Travelling Coaches. Panelists were all Chief Informatin Officers at large US law firms: Bob Dolinsky, Terry Pressley, and Kirk Scruggs. Thpugh their titles were the same, their approaches to speaking about technology to lawyers differed. My impression of the panelists was simplified in my notes like this:

  • Bob sells tech to lawyers with the value proposition
  • Terry sells tech to lawyers with relationship building
  • Kirk sells tech to lawyers with service oriented attitude

These gentlemen use different approaches to achieve the same desirable goals. Advancing technology projects within their organizatins to meet the needs of their internal clients, lawyers and staff, who are in turn, working toward the goals of their clients and their firms.

Some things that worked for them include being prepared, building trust and relationships with lawyers, and aligning their groups goals with the core values of the firm, and managing user expectations with concise, plain language communications. The consensus was that over communication was better than too little information sharing.

All the LegalTech sessions have been interesting so far. Follow along on Twitter with #LTNY.

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