LSUC Releases New Guides for Lawyers

It’s time for us to wise up take each other in open arms strength through diversity together we’ll never fall
I know our lives are different in many ways we’ve come to accept each other through diversity
So let’s drop our fronts, lose our insecurities it’s time for us to come together in unity…

Lyrics, music and recorded by Hoods.

Law Socity of Upper-Canada Logo

The Law Society of Upper Canada has developed two new practice guides for law firms and legal organizations.

The first guide deals with preventing harassment, discrimination, and violence in the legal workplace. It includes sample harassment, discrimination, and workplace violence policies and procedures. Unfortunately it is not yet up on the LSUC website but it should be available on the equity and diversity resources section of their website a bit later this month.

The second guide relates to the provision of legal services in cases involving claims of sexual abuse. It aims to assist lawyers and paralegals in providing legal services to claimants in cases of sexual abuse who are pursuing compensation.

The LSUC introduced the guides at Convocation on Jan. 26, 2012.

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