Zegov.ca Federal Government Social Media Aggregator

A group of Ottawa area students and young professionals has launched Zegov.ca, which describes itself as a “content aggregator designed to provide the public, the media and public-service employees with a continuous flow of information generated by government institutions through social media.”

Zegov.ca offers a single gateway to content from federal government Twitter and Facebook channels and official blogs.

According to the creators, there are 222 government Twitter accounts, 95 Facebook pages and 11 official blogs right now. Zegov.ca soon plans to add content from official federal YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn accounts.

On the Zegov.ca site, you can find an index or list of the government organizations covered as well as profiles of the people behind the project.

Twitter : @ZegovCanada
Facebook : Zegov.ca

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  1. Brilliant! Thank you for pointing this out.