Evernote as a Meeting Binder

I was a bit surprised at s statistic that was reported by Jack Newton here at Slaw last week. Though a top 5 desktop app, Evernote showed a usage rate of only 16% in Clio’s annual survey.

There has been plenty of discussion about Evernote here at Slaw, and David Whelan recently discussed Evernote Updates for iOS. An easy link for Evernote clipping was even added to Slaw a couple of years ago.

I used Evernote (the iPad app) last weekend as a ‘meeting binder’ for the background information that I would have otherwise carried to the fall in person meeting of the Canadian Association of Law Libraries Executive Board. It worked great, with the exception of not being able to search for a string of text within an open clip that started as a pdf or Word document. A minor detail really, and far better than filling a suitcase with paper.

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