Flip That Classroom!

Two resources I’d like to share with you, each touching on the topic of flipped classrooms. The first is Matt Homann’s 6 minute contribution at lexthink.1 where he talks about disrupting CLE. Moving beyond technology supported learning, Matt makes some interesting points on the physical structure of learning environments, telling us to “flip that classroom!”. (Click into this post to view the embedded materials.)

The second piece is from Rich McCue’s recent presentation at UVic on Flipped Classroom Benefits. The preceding link routes to a summary of Rich’s presentation, and his prezi slides are embedded below:

I would consider both Matt and Rich advocates of integrating technology in the classroom; and yet both (sensibly) felt the need to look at the physical setup of these environments. Different perspectives of course: Matt is concerned with effective CLE learning, and Rich with higher education. But it was interesting to compare these pieces side-by-side, and consider each of their visions for the future.

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