Slaw Welcomes Nate Russell

I’m pleased to welcome our newest blogger at Slaw, Nate Russell. Nate will be joining our Monday team of writers.

For those of us stationed on the west coast, you may already recognize Nate as the liaison lawyer at Courthouse Libraries BC. Working with local practitioners, Nate has been involved in a number of CLBC initiatives over the years, including Clicklaw Wikibooks, CPD program development, and initiating new programs to help lawyers access research materials.

In addition to writing for the CLBC blog, The Stream, Nate is also a regular contributor to the widely respected Vancouver Bar Association publication, The Advocate.

Please join me in welcoming Nate to our Slaw community! And do also consider giving him a follow on twitter: @nrusse.


  1. Thanks for having me, Steve. I posted my first Slaw item this morning.

  2. And a Dalhousie (nee Schulich) Grad as well! From Coast to Coast, so to speak. Welcome Nate!

  3. Thanks Mark!
    I remember you from those (somewhat) long ago days. I consider my maiden name to be Dalhousie, however, and I don’t plan on changing. Not much of a traditionalist that way. Sorry Mr. Schulich.

  4. Welcome to the team, Nate! I really enjoyed your post today – and I look forward to reading more from you in the months ahead.

    Best regards,

  5. Right on, Nate! Now I can look forward to at least one thing on Mondays. :)