The Tone of Legislation

I am horribly embarrassed for my neighbours (in the broad sense) in the federal Yellowhead riding. CBC News reported:

Voter turnout in the federal by-election could near a historic low, with CBC estimating that fewer than one in five eligible voters making the trip to the polls.

A sad tone for democracy when less than one in five people feels engaged enough to vote in a federal by-election. This phenomenon isn’t new; the June 30, 2014 by-election for Macleod saw ~18% voter turnout. On the plus side, there were no lines at the polling station.

The tone for Provincial politics in my province is quite different these days. A new session of the 28th legislature began yesterday with a Speech to the Throne and the reading of Bill 1. The first bill in a legislative session is generally thought to set the tone of the government agenda. This Bill 1 is a repeal of controversial legislation passed in 2009, amended in 2011 and never proclaimed in force. The tone seems to be this government may be the same in principle, but it is a new deal.

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