Australian Decisions With JADE

I am a big fan of LIIs, CanLII, BAILII, CommonLII, WorldLII and as Yul Brynner channelling the King of Siam would say: et cetera et cetera et cetera. AustLII is on my list of happy sources. There is a non-LII alternative for free access to Australian legal judgments that is worth sharing here as well.

BarNet/JADE was recently complimented in a blog post at the International Association of Law Libraries site. JADE which is an acronym for Judgment and Decisions Enhanced was created as a practitioners resource.

A complimentary sign up for the service is painless and the site hosts a nice collection of digested case law. Check out this screencast about the service. There is a citator as part of the service which will make law librarian Slawyers smile.


  1. JADE has been an exciting addition to the Australian legal research marketplace. The technology is arranged to match the lawyers’ work patterns; which is very unusual.