What Does Your Car Know About You?

Our cell phones know everything about us. Who we talk to. Who we Google. Who we email. Who we date. Who we text. When we wake up. Where we go. When we go online. What photos we take. And so on.

Now your rental car may know it too. It is a researcher’s/ businessperson’s/ marketer’s best dream. And there is really nothing stopping it. In an episode of the Exchange, Dr. Ann Cavoukian (Executive Director of the Privacy and Big Data Institute at Ryerson University) speaks out about this latest danger of rental cars stealing personal data when drivers link their cellphone to the car.

To counteract this latest intrusion upon seclusion, Dr. Cavoukian recommends changing the settings on your phone. For the long term, she recommends that privacy features be embedded into the design of new products.

Privacy by design truly is our best chance of protecting personal data. Unfortunately, the law develops at a much slower pace than technology. This leaves product designers with the responsibility of protecting privacy through thoughtful design.

To learn more, watch this clip:

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