Monday’s Mix

Each Monday we present brief excerpts of recent posts from five of Canada’s award­-winning legal blogs chosen at random* from more than 80 recent Clawbie winners. In this way we hope to promote their work, with their permission, to as wide an audience as possible.

This week the randomly selected blogs are 1. Administrative Law Matters  2. Canadian Immigration law Blog 3. Robeside Assistance  4. Alcohol & Advocacy  5. ABlawg

Administrative Law Matters
Reconstructing Judicial Review — Sarah Nason

Today at the Centre for Public Law, we kicked off a new series of seminars, New Faces in Public Law, designed to bring to the Faculty emerging scholars who have produced interesting work on important issues of public law. to Dr Sarah Nason (Bangor University) introduced her new book, Reconstructing Judicial Review (Hart, 2016). Here is the abstract: …

Canadian Immigration law Blog
Verifying Departure from Canada and Preventing a Deemed Deportation – There Must Be a Better Way to Do It

Canada is in the midst of finalizing preclearance agreements and exit control that will, in my opinion, be a game-changer for immigration. Such a system, if implemented correctly, would make Canada Border Services Agency’s (“CBSA”) ICES Travel History reports more comprehensive and accurate. Individuals who do not meet the residency requirement would be held accountable for their dates abroad rather than hide behind the veil of uncertainty and passport stamps. …

Robeside Assistance
Thomson Reuters ProView: Part One

We’ve been meaning to do a post on the Thomson Reuters ProView eReference platform for a long time; as it turns out, we’re going to do two posts! In this first post, I’ll talk about what that big long title (“Thomson Reuters ProView eReference”) means, what’s included in it, and how you find it here at our library. Tomorrow, I’ll post more about how to use the platform, and some great links to online tutorials. …

Alcohol & Advocacy
Trouble is brewing following Wal-Mart’s entrance to the craft beer market

American craft beer class action warfare remains alive and well in 2017 with Wal-Mart entering the cross-hairs earlier this month. In February Mr. Matthew Adam of Hamilton County, Ohio commenced a class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart on behalf of all purchasers of “craft” beer from Wal-Mart Stores. …

The Sixties Scoop & the Duty to Consult: A New Frontier in Aboriginal Litigation?

*Note on terminology: “Indian” is used to describe a person defined as such under the Indian Act, and is not intended to carry any derogatory connotations. Introduction: From 1965- 1984 governments across Canada removed tens of thousands of Indian children from their families on reserve and placed them with non-Indian adoptive families or in foster homes and group homes. …


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