Hot Off the Press: “Law Librarianship in the Age of AI”

Law Librarianship in the Age of AI” is an excellent collection of essays which landed on my desk last week. In the preface editor Ellyssa Kroski, Director of Information Technology at the New York Law Institute, says the book provides answers to these questions: “what exactly is AI, what does it really mean for the legal field, and how does it affect law libraries and law librarians?”

Topics include machine learning, AI tools and applications, opportunities for law librarians, legal research and education, access to justice, and ethical uses of AI.

Also included is a great list of resources by Virginia A. Neisler that provides “broad educational resources,” current awareness tools and tips, and concludes with an “in-depth” section that “delve[s] deeply into various topics associated with artificial intelligence.” Neisler also notes that, “This book was written by law librarians, for law librarians, to help illustrate how we in the profession are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) tools and cutting-edge technology.”

Looking forward to digging into this resource and especially to learn about Robert J. Ambrogi’s take on the future of AI in law libraries.

I’d also like to offer, as a quick aside, AI researcher Janelle Shane’s recent Ted Talk, “The danger of AI is weirder than you think” where she talks about experiences with how AI algorithms actually approach solutions to various “human problems.” Shane concludes that current AI has “the approximate computing power of … an earthworm.” :-)

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