#Clawbies2020 Kickoff

It’s December 1st and that means one special thing in my world: the Clawbies are on!

15 years ago, I sat at my desk and wrote up an inaugural “Canadian Law Blog Awards” (styled awkwardly for the first many years as CLawBies – glad we scrapped the camel case!).

That first edition was inspired by Dennis Kennedy’s Blawggies and was meant to be a playful homage to the unsung blogging heroes sharing Canadian perspectives on all things legal. It felt important to recognize how they made our community a little stronger and more connected.

It’s safe to say we’ve never valued or craved connection more than in 2020, which makes the Clawbies a really nice way to end this year. Watching the nominations roll in each December is a guaranteed mood booster, and I’m hoping Slaw readers will rise to the occasion and nominate generously again.

Remember, the Clawbies have evolved to be about much more than just blogging – they’re a celebration of free Canadian online legal content. So think about your favourite blogs, podcasts, videos, social accounts, legal newsletters, platform commentary, CanLII Connects contributors or magazine column and then follow these steps to send some love their way:

  • Keep it Canadian – keep it modest! i.e. Please don’t nominate your own blog. When you nominate someone else’s blog, your blog will also be on our radar.
  • Submit up to three nominations via Twitter (be sure to use the hashtag #clawbies2020) or your own blog. Please give specifics on what makes you endorse your nominees.
  • Nominations are open until end of day on Friday, December 18. Winners are announced on New Year’s Eve!

Let the 2020 Clawbies begin!


  1. 15 years! Who would have thought all those years ago that you were founding an institution, Steve? Congratulations.