Updates and New Additions to CanLII’s Slaw Ebook Collection

Spring greetings!

Following up on an announcement we made in November of 2019, CanLII and Slaw.ca are proud to announce the addition of 14 new ebooks to CanLII’s commentary collection. The series now encompasses 27 ebooks that feature legal writing on a variety of subjects.

Each ebook contains a set of selected columns from a Slaw.ca contributor that have been edited and formatted for display on CanLII:

The following ebooks have also been updated with new content:

Many thanks to each and every one of these authors who agreed to share their Slaw columns on CanLII!

If you are an author on Slaw.ca or write elsewhere and would like to discuss compiling an ebook of your writing, please contact us through our feedback form.

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