Link Directly to an ISBN/ISSN in Open World Cat

New from OCLC:

Now any Web site can create “Find in a Library? links for specific titles. The syntax for link URLs is straightforward and keyed on common numeric identifiers.
Open WorldCat

For example: will get you Mary Jane Sinclair’s Updating Statutes and Regulations etc., 1995 edition. If you want to set the URL so that only Canadian libraries (in the WorldCat program) that have the book show up, you would make it:

RedLightGreen has something similar, essentially a link to a targeted search (i.e. ISBN or title or author etc.), with the option in the results page to see if the book is in the library of your choice.


  1. interesting that the postal code filter appears not to work, since the list of sources then becomes (in order) Lansing, Albany, Brooklyn, New York, Ithaca, New York, Buffalo, Syracuse, Ottawa, Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Toronto, Ottawa, Waterloo, London, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec.
    None of the obvious libraries come up.
    Nice idea, but it needs work

  2. Yes, it fussed me, too. Then I read on one of their pages that by “postal code” they meant zip code — i.e. U.S.

    Enter Ontario and you also get regional libraries, most of which are in the U.S., which doesn’t quite answer, unless you’re looking for a quick inter-library loan, I suppose.

    Apparently there are a couple of upcoming deadlines today and tomorrow for libraries to re-commit themselves to the project or something of that kind. This may explain why there are so few libraries when you simply choose “Canada” for your geographical region.