An Expanding Slaw

As Slaw readers will certainly have noticed, in the three years of our existence we’ve opened our arms increasingly wide until we now embrace not simply the legal research and technology that were our original subjects but essentially anything of interest in law. It’s time to acknowledge this broader Slaw and to say, as our revised tagline does, “Slaw is a Canadian cooperative weblog on things legal.” At the same time, I want to reassure those for whom legal research and technology are vitally interesting: we have no intention of abandoning these subjects and will continue to welcome contributors, entries and readers that focus on them.

Now some might think that “things legal” is a pretty wide beat, and it would be if we were a newspaper, for instance, rather than a blog. But it’s the beauty of blogs to be partial and, to some extent, capricious. And it’s the beauty of Slaw to be a cooperative, mixing the interests and talents of contributors from all the walks of legal life and all the parts of Canada, so that we can indeed hope to bring you something of interest to you across the course of a week.

To help us broaden our range, we’re expanding our group of core contributors. You’ve already met the three new Daves, and you’ll meet other new Slawyers in the next few days and weeks. And let us know, now that all of law’s the matter, whether you would like to join us as a core contributor. Let us know, too, if you have an idea of how we might improve or how we might take on new and interesting challenges; we value your opinion.

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