Adult Criminal Court Statistics

Statistics Canada has released the latest batch of stats from the criminal courts (2010/2011). As usual, The Daily has a handy overview; those who are interested in the finer details will find them in the corresponding Juristat publication.

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Some points of note:

  • The caseload has remained pretty much the same as it was the previous year, at 403,000 cases.
  • The great majority of cases involved non-violent offences (77%).
  • The most commonly-occurring offence was impaired driving (12%).
  • Young adults (18-24) are greatly over-represented: 30% of all accused vs. 12% of the population.
  • Two-thirds of cases resulted in a finding of guilt.


  1. Mr. Fodden,

    Thanks for bring this to my attention. I do like to keep track of such things. It makes the hysteria in the media that much clearer.


    The Wet One