At Last! Canadian Law Library Podcasts

Legal podcasts have really taken off in Canada over the last couple of years. From niche practice areas to big picture legal profession issues, smart and entertaining discussion and commentary abounds in these podcasts. You can find a directory of 20+ Canadian legal podcasts at

While law practice management, legal industry culture, and substantive law subjects are well represented in this list, there really haven’t been any podcasts related to law libraries–until now!

At their last annual conference in Edmonton this past May, CALL/ACDB partnered with vLex for an exclusive podcast series, hosted by Colin Lachance, interim General Manager of North America for vLex.

The series features 11 episodes, which are “brief interviews with CALL/ACBD 2019 conference speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and organizers, about their experience at the May 2019 conference, what’s hot in their world, and their thoughts on the future.”

Here’s a listing of each episode; visit to listen to them.

S1E1: Knowledge Management innovation and career opportunities
Jennifer McNenly

S1E2: CALL/ACBD 2019 conference – co-chair’s perspective
Megan Siu

S1E3: Access to Justice – role of information and libraries in addressing gaps
Brea Lowenberger, Melanie Hodges-Neufeld, Megan Smiley

S1E4: How legal domain is fundamental to advancement of AI – and how librarians are fundamental to that effort
Dr. Randy Goebel

S1E5: De-constructing, analyzing and building the law as code
Jason Morris

S1E6: Innovating in products or human-centred design – where do we start in legal?
Kristin Hodgins and Daniel Hoadley

S1E7: Renovating a Courthouse Library – the County of Carleton Law Association journey
Jennifer Walker

S1E8: Emond publishing – building long-form legal publishing products
Danann Hawes

S1E9: Why CALL remains essential – A past President and Honoured Member shares her views
Cyndi Murphy

S1E10: CALL and AALL Presidents speak
Ann-Marie Melvie and Femi Cadmus, with guest co-host Alan Kilpatrick

S1E11: Planning for CALL 2020 conference – Revival | Rebirth | Re-Invention
Karen Sawatzky and Michael McAlpine

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