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Phil Epstein Assumes Jay McLeod’s Mantle

I missed the Carswell announcement just before the holidays that the weekly newsletter that Professor Jay McLeod published on family law has now become Epstein & Madsen’s This Week in Family Law. The great thing about McLeod’s family law scholarship was the personal voice, the willingness to articulate a strong and sometimes ideosyncratic view of where Canadian family law was going. Simply having an intelligence wrestling with the issues, rather than doing a paraphrase of judgments was welcome in itself.
Let’s hope that Phil will be as willing to stick his neck out.

His manifesto is: “We intend . . . [more]

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Gender and Internet Research

Just as we thought it was getting quiet again, along comes the latest Pew Internet Survey to suggest that

* Women are catching up with men in overall web use. They differ from men in using online to deepen connections with people.

* Compared with women, online men are more likely to: check the weather, get news, get do-it-yourself information, get political information, get financial information, do job-related research.

* Compared with men, online women are more likely to: use email, get maps and directions, look for health and medical information, use web sites to get support for health or . . . [more]

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Jim Milles’ Podcast

Jim Milles, law librarian at the University at Buffalo Law Library and also the driving force behind the Out of the Jungle and ublaw phoenix law blogs has his own podcast blog called “Check This Out!” Since the end of October, Jim has been putting together a number of items in his weekly broadcast.

Description of his December 25th podcast:

Episode 009: Happy Holidays!
This is a short end-of-the-year episode for the holidays, featuring a Radical Militant Librarian poem by Robert Ryan, a story of sledding, lost gloves, and sharing from Quirky Nomads, and a shout-out

. . . [more]
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Blogs, Splogs, and Clipmarks

A little while ago Slaw got an email pointing out that one of our stories linked an excerpt from an author’s work to a “splog” and not to the site where the author originally put it. As well, we were reminded that extensive quoting from sources might best be done with permission, if it didn’t in fact infringe on copyright. Of course we set things right as soon as we could. But the email got me thinking about weblogs and copyright — and wondering what “splogs” were.

The latter is easier to tackle. Splogs are blogs that find their content . . . [more]

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Another Streaming Media Stocking Stuffer

I like the idea of “stocking stuffers”, as Simon F. has called them. Here is another:

RocketBoom’s clip from Friday, December 23rd. It is a delightful romp by host Amanda Congdon through the Christmas sights in NYC, set to the music of the Nutcracker. Only 3 minutes long.

Enjoy! . . . [more]

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For Your Christmas Listening Pleasure

I have been listening to the Groove Salad for a number of years. It is an ambient/chill music station from SomaFM, listener-supported commercial-free radio. It is produced by a streaming media expert Rusty Hodge from his basement in San Francisco.

At this time of year they put together a station/broadcast called “Xmas in Frisco“. It is eclectic and irreverent. Not your average Christmas fare. Well worth a try–do check it out.

To everyone celebrating today, a happy Christmas! . . . [more]

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I missed this announcement back in September: LexisNexis Canada has launched the Canadian version of There were two press releases, both dated September 14, 2005:

LexisNexis Increases Web Visibility of Canadian Lawyers and Law Firms

LexisNexis Provides Free Legal Resource for Canadians

The Canadian service is at the same URL as the American, but it uses your IP address to determine whether you are in Canada or not and sends you to the appropriate database. A pull-down menu allows you to change country, or a link from the top of the screen (to the right) takes you to . . . [more]

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Mamma Buys Copernic

For you Copernic users: today’s Globe and Mail:

Search engine Inc. has acquired Copernic Technologies Inc. in a cash and stock deal, the company said late Thursday.

Mamma has paid $15.9-million (U.S.) and issued 2.38-million common shares of the company to acquire 100 per cent of the issued and outstanding securities of Copernic, Mamma said. The transaction closed Thursday.

Copernic had $5.9-million (U.S.) revenue in its fiscal year ended June 30, 2005. Based in Sainte-Foy, Que., it develops search and information management solutions.

Mamma, based in Montreal, is focused on providing quality information retrieval on the Internet through its

. . . [more]

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Holiday Break

Today is the last day of regular posting to Slaw until the new year. As my favourite Dixieland band used to say when finishing a set, “Thanks for the applause, we’ll take a pause for a good cause — the band would like a little medicine.”

There may be contributions to Slaw from time to time over the holiday, so if there are longueurs during your time off work, you might like to pop in and see if anything’s new.

We at Slaw wish you all a happy holiday. . . . [more]

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