1. Neil, the URL doesn’t seem to work. I think it may be that you have to belong to eLOC and login first.

  2. URL does work, Simon
    But it’s
    Somehow the link puts another http:// in front.

    I use a BlackBerry all the time, but graphic interfaced websites, or frames are a huge pain. Real legal research won’t work, because of the logical structure of the current interfaces.

    There was a nice piece in the Herald Trib I saw in Frankfurt last month.


    It starts:

    The End User: Scaling down the real Web
    By Victoria Shannon International Herald Tribune
    SATURDAY, JULY 16, 2005

    PARIS Every day, I look on the Internet from my mobile phone. Often, I don’t like what I see – and I’m not just talking about the cellphone spam I get.

    Many of the Web sites I turn to – to check my e-mail, to find breaking news, to look up an elusive fact – don’t look very nice on the small screen of my smart phone. I see a fraction of a Web page at a time, or icons that land far from the words that go with them or, worse, buttons that I know I should be able to click on aren’t there or don’t work.

    When part of the splendor of the Internet is supposed to be that it is the same for everyone, it makes me feel like something is broken – not to mention that I’m not getting my money’s worth from my mobile phone subscription or the outrageous price of my phone.

  3. Thanks Simon Chester: I’ve fixed the link in the main item.