Resources on Slaw

I’ve added a Resources page to Slaw:, because it seems sensible to me to provide research tools that might not be otherwise available. I don’t expect it to be simply a list of links.

At the moment it contains a pair of pages about Canadian law journals, providing:

  • a linked list of all the ones I know about,
  • an [a?] RSS feed for each providing updates to their tables of contents,
  • a similar feed for all Canadian law journals reporting updates to their tables of contents within the last 30 days,
  • and a display of the same thing, i.e. tables of contents for those journals reporting updates within the last 30 days.

The feeds and updates display are provided by John Doyle, who runs Washington & Lee Law School’s excellent Current Law Journal Content service, where you’ll find feeds for hundreds of journals from all over the world, and can customize your own feed with whatever mix of journals you wish.

At the moment, I’ve not got a link to the Resources page on Slaw’s main page, because I’d like to have a little more meat there for visitors before it gets pushed that way. So please let me know what resources you might like to see there, whether or not they currently exist elsewhwere.


  1. This is turning out to be an excellent blog! I’m finding it to be a super “go-to” site. Excellent work and nice design, too.