Congressional Research Service Publications Liberated

Thanks to Bill Pierce’s blog for pointing out that the motherlode of Cyberlaw research has now been opened up to the great unwashed (like you and I).

The Franklin Pierce Law Center IP Mall now offers the full text of intellectual property, cyberlaw, and electronic commerce publications of the Congressional Research Service (CRS), the 741-person, $68 million-per-year “think tank” that works exclusively for Members and committees of the United States Congress. CRS is a department of the Library of Congress works exclusively as a nonpartisan analytical, research, and reference arm for Congress. Its reports have previously been unobtainable.

The reports are at

Interesting how much of material that was previously held tight has been so liberated.

The backgrounders to legislation of the Library of Parliament are another resource that can be really useful – much more so than the Ministerial press kits.


  1. Other free online CRS Reports repositories not mentioned on the Franklin Pierce Law Center IP Mall site are:

    Thurgood Marshall Law Library, U of Maryland

    University of North Texas