Law via the Internet

The 7th International Conference on the Computerization of Law via the Internet, will be taking place this year, from November 17th to 19th in Vanuatu. I’m sure many in the SLAW community are already aware of this conference, but given the topic, if a SLAW contributor were going to be attending perhaps they could volunteer to make some posts from the conference. I am sure there will be some topics that will lead to good discussions in this forum.

Past conferences have been in Montreal, Sydney and Paris, .


  1. Wouldn’t that be “loverly.” The airfare I found was $6600. Round trip, though.

    For those considering it, the conference page is How to dress for dinner? See the Vanuatu Press Online.

  2. Hello from Paris,

    The link to the 2004 Paris Conference is the following one :



  3. Hello from Montréal

    the link to the 2002 Montréal conference is :

  4. A joint paper written by myself and Heather Forester has been accepted by the Conference; not sure if we are attending or not. By the by, the airfare we were quoted was $3100 (from Calgary); they must be charging a high premium to fly from Toronto!

    Is anyone else going to Vanuatu for the Conference? Have you been to the previous ones (Paris or Montreal)? Comments would be appreciated if you have been, as to its utility, particularly if you are in a law firm vs. academia.