Stikeman’s Guide to Securities Act Changes

Globe and Mail subscribers may have noticed the ad from Stikeman Elliott offering a free “a comprehensive analysis of Securities Act amendments that expand the potential liabilities of Canadian public companies and income trusts – as well as their officers, directors, trustees and advisers.” You can see their ad online at:

To get it you have to email or phone Stikeman’s. I presume it’s available in digitized form.

The amendments have been incorporated into the online version of Ontario’s Securities Act, and can be found at Part XXIII.1.

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  1. I am trying to understand what those amendments are. They are advertising them as amendments from Bill 198, but they appear to come from Bill 149, 2004 or S.O. 2004, c. 31. Where have I gone astray? Bill 198 from this session seems to have Died on the Order Paper with the recent prorogation of the 1st Session, 38th Parliament in the Ontario Legislature.

  2. Okay, I’ve sorted it out for myself. It was Bill 198, 2002 as amended by Bill 149, 2004. This is from the Ontario Securities Commission website:

    The amendments to the Act and to the Commodity Futures Act were enacted under the Keeping the Promise for a Strong Economy Act (Budget Measures), 2002 (formerly Bill 198). These provisions were subsequently amended by the Budget Measures Act (Fall), 2004 (formerly Bill 149).

    See the full notice from the OSC:

    I find it confusing when old bill numbers are still referenced. But that could just be me.