Why Should Lawyers Care About Blogs

Nice easy Powerpoint by Ron Friedmann at
http://www.prismlegal.com/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=94 which would explain to anyone what the phenomenon is about, and why lawyers should care.

I’m planning to devote my next Ontario Bar Association column on The Lawyer’s Desktop to the three magic words, Blogs, Wikis, and RSSs.

Anyone got any recommendations for sources?


  1. Simon, might I suggest some of the background articles on llrx (http://www.llrx.com). You can browse the articles and resources list at http://www.llrx.com/cgi-bin/llrx.cgi?function=browsetopic, or via the link to same from the home page. There are categories for each of your three areas. I took a quick look at the listings under each and, while most of the articles refer the reader to specific (primarily US) topical resources, each of the three categories seems to have at least one article of a background or explanatory nature.

    And here’s another thought: for wiki, I thought why not check the wikipedia (http://www.wikipedia.org) :) … In fact there are entries for not only wiki, but also blog and RSS. For the latter you might want to expand your look-up term to “RSS feed”, so as not to have to select from other RSSs such as Rockdale, Sandow and Southern Railroad, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, or The Rural Sociological Society :)


  2. Extremely helpful. I’ll post the column when published. Thanks