What Next Google?

Where to from here? First, Google becomes a verb — as in: ‘I googled him/her/it’. Indeed, being ‘googled’ has its own meaning in today’s common language. Then like many great brands (such as Kleenex™) that become synonymous with the product they represent (e.g tissues) ‘Google’ has become synonymous with ‘search’.

Even the Merian-Webster dictionary and Wikipedia have definitions for the verb ‘Google’. Now we have a new use for the word. Google has been used as a name for a kid in Sweden born September 12th (Source: Googleblog). Oliver Google Kai was named by his search engine consultant father, Walid Elias Kai, and mother, Carol.

Check out Oliver Google’s website and you will find pictures of little O.G. and links to some of the over 6,500 web references to this story. What’s next for Google? It’s anybody’s guess.


  1. What a cute baby, with those googley eyes! 8-)