It’s Not Easy Being Green

A news story on today’s (Nov 22nd) email noted that apparently 58% of Am Law 200 firms use the colour blue in marketing their firm (“conveys a feeling of authority of royalty, as well as a sense of calm”). Only 2% use green (“perhaps, the study suggests, lawyers may want to shy away from such stark allusions to money.”) The impact of other popular colours (red, gray, brown) is also discussed.

Does legal research (as opposed to law generally) have a “colour”? As I survey the limited number of law books in my office and browse some legal content websites, I’m not sure I see a pattern. But now that I know that legal marketers have figured out that colour seems to influence how content is absorbed, I can’t stop wondering whether legal researchers should be paying more attention to how we package our content!

PS – I’m not sure how to link to the article directly – today it is at (but it may not be tomorrow). It is titled “Law Firms Look to Color for Identity” and authored by Jennifer Moline.


  1. Elizabeth, I suspect the “permalink” is

    Wonder what it says that Slaw uses brown a lot. The colour of law book bindings, perhaps. The article says “down to earth.”