This Week’s Links: 051125

  1. NYT: NCSU, Personal Portals
  2. ZDnet: Microsoft ECMA/ISO move
  3. Microsoft Watch: Will Open XML Really Be Open?
  4. ZDNet: RSS + OPML/ SSE = Really Simple Synchronization
  5. Wired: Who’s Afraid of Google? Everyone
  6. BBC News: Google extends searching offline
  7. Newfoundland’s confederation with Canada
  8. PR Newswire: Digital Study guides
  9. VitalSource: Digital Study Guides
  10. HeinOnline
  11. Tom Davenport
  12. Larry Prusak
  13. The Babson Knowledge Blog
  14. The Babson Knowledge Blog: inaugural post
  15. The Babson Knowledge Blog: RSS Feed
  16. KM World and Intranets 2005: Tom Davenport’s keynote
  17. KM World and Intranets 2005: Bill Ives on Tom Davenport’s keynote
  18. InterAlia: lawyers and RSS
  19. Ray Kurzweil bio
  20. MIT
  21. Kurzweil, “The Singularity…”
  22. Posner, “An Economic Analysis of the Use of Citations in the Law” [pdf]
  23. Twining,“Generalizing about law: the case of legal transplants” [pdf]
  24. Twining, “A Post-Westphalian Conception Of Law” [pdf]
  25. USC: Precedential Cascades [pdf]
  26. Yale conference: Regulating Search: A Symposium on Search Engines, Law, and Public Policy
  27. Australian Parliament Web site
  28. PAC: Documents Relating to the Constitutional History of Canada
  29. Canada: Dept. of Justice: Laws
  30. Constitution Act 1867 to 1982
  31. Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  32. Parliament: Constitutional Conferences, 1927-1999
  33. Parliament: The Constitution Since Patriation: Chronology
  34. Library Boy
  36. News release: Canada in the Making awarded grant from Canadian Heritage [pdf]
  37. Early Canadiana Online
  38. IHT: Wireless: Creating Internet of Things
  39. ITU Internet Reports 2005, Internet of Things [pdf]
  40. LRN
  41. LRN: press release re Dupont collaboration with LRN on ethics
  42. Legal Week: Tony Williams on commodification of legal services
  43. Jomati: Outsourceing legal services [pdf]
  44. Harald Bluetooth
  45. Bluetooth
  46. Wikipedia: 802.11
  47. Wikipedia: Bluetooth security concerns
  48. How Stuff Works: Bluetooth
  49. GlobalLex
  50. GlobalLex: Tjaden, "Researching Canadian Law"

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