CARL/ABRC Reports on Copyright Reform

The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) has just released two recent reports of possible interest to Internet researchers. The reports are:

A Brave New World? Access Copyright in its Own Words on Issues Affecting Research Libraries (December 2, 2005. Prepared by Davina M. DesRoches. PDF, 9 pages). Examines the positions taken by Access Copyright on copyright reform as it affects research libraries.

A Compilation of Views on Aspects of Copyright Reform, as Submitted in Response to the Consultation Paper on Digital Copyright Issues (December 2, 2005. Prepared by Davina M. DesRoches. PDF, 65 pages). A useful summary of the viewpoints of various stakeholders in copyright reform on major copyright policy issues (such as TPMs, ISP liability, etc.).

A complete list of their reports and other information on copyright is available here.

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