This Week’s Links: 060127

  1. I Love Quest for the Cheap, Broadcast-Quality Recording Gear
  2. Connie Crosby: Check This Out! – A New Canadian Correspondent
  3. yousendit
  4. PowerPoint: Audio
  5. UCLA Anderson School of Management: Business Database Selection Tool
  6. LIVEDGAR Training Overview
  7. EFF: Deep Links
  8. Internet Archive
  9. House of Butter
  10. PracticeSource
  11. UC Davis: LawLib list: House of Butter announcement
  12. Law Librarian Blog
  13. “A House of Butter“
  14. Arts Council of Indianapolis: Joanna Wos
  15. Practice Source
  16. InformationWeek: Turn On, Plug In, Keep Up
  17. Top 10 tech trends for 2006
  18. New York Law School: Helpful software
  19. ABA Legal Technology Resource Center: Mobile Computing
  20. Statement by the Prime Minister Paul Martin
  21. Bloc Québécois
  22. Air Farce
  23. Handbook of Legal Information Management
  24. Connie Crosby: Tom Davenport Keynote Address
  25. Peter Drucker – The Knowledge Worker – 1966
  26. Wikipedia: knowledge worker
  27. BarclayBlog
  28. BarclayBlog: link to Teaching tech skills to lawyers
  29. Teaching Tech Skills to Lawyers
  30. Web Strategy by Jeremiah: Business and I.T. Must Work Together to Manage New “Web 2.0″ Tools
  31. ABA Law Practice Today: Does Web 2.0 Point Us Toward Law 2.0?, a roundtable
  32. TheNewPR/Wiki: Resources / LegalProblems: legal issues related to blogging
  33. Wired GC: Web 2.0, Heading West to Law 2.0
  34. Information Management Now: Why Web 2.0 Matters
  35. Information Management Now: In A Nutshell: Integrated Information Management
  36. Information Management Now: Information Management As a Unified Discipline
  37. tags: IMBOK+Web2.0
  38. Dennis Kennedy’s blog: How is the Relationship between Lawyers and IT Departments Changing Because of Web 2.0 and Other Developments?
  39. VLLB: Canadian law blogs list
  40. Information Management Now
  41. OCLC: Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources (2005)
  42. The Hindu Business Line: More light on dark stuff
  43. Stanford: Gyongyi & Garcia-Molina, ”Web Spam Taxonomy“
  44. SearchEngineWatch: Learning About and Understanding Web Spam
  45. The Guardian Unlimited: The readers’ editor on … a significant move by a major Indian newspaper.
  46. The Guardian Unlimited: I’m here for the readers: Introducing your man at The Observer
  47. DFAIT treaties web-site
  48. BBC News: Election 2005
  49. The Guardian Unlimited: Election 2005
  50. Globe and Mail: Decision 2006, Live election results
  51. CBC: Canada Votes 2006
  52. Radio Canada Nouvelles: Élections Fédérales 2006
  53. LLRX: over-use of flash within lawfirm websites
  54. Findlaw’s Modern Practice: Websites that Work
  55. The Globe and Mail: Cyberia: Exercising political influence, Internet-style
  56. Clarity journal
  57. Clarity organization
  58. Juricom
  59. Canadian Library Association
  60. Canadian Library Association: Review of Party Platforms
  61. Google Alert
  62. Google Blog
  63. Observer feature on Marissa Mayer
  64. BBC’s Money programme
  66. PRWeb: Adds The Bouvier Law Dictionary Sixth Edition to its Online Legal Dictionary
  67.’s legal dictionary
  68. Duhaime’s Legal Dictionary
  69. Chapters/Indigo: Daphne Dukelow, The Dictionary of Canadian Law, 3rd ed.
  70. Wikipedia: Black’s Legal Dictionary
  71. McMillan Binch Mendelsohn: Legal Dictionaries
  72. Borlase Guides: Black’s Sixth Edition is a keeper – Do not discard
  73. Gonzales v. Google
  74. Wired News: How to Foil Search Engine Snoops
  75. SearchEngineWatch: Protecting Your Search Privacy: A Flowchart To Tracks You Leave Behind
  76. Rob Hyndman: Election Day Blogging
  77. I Love Which bloggers will break Canada’s election gag law?
  78. The Globe and Mail: Blogger power hits election
  79. West Perspectives
  80. Nancy Soonpaa’s Legal Writing Prof Blog
  81. Scribes
  82. Wayne Schiess’s
  83. Raymond Ward”s the (new) legal writer
  84. Sedna: Slaw feed
  85. kbcafe: Slaw feed
  86. Stephane Cottin
  88. Legifrance
  89. Wikipedia: palimpsest
  90. US NSA: Redacting with Confidence: How to Safely Publish Sanitized Reports Converted From Word to PDF [pdf]
  91. Confidentiality and Metadata in Word Documents
  92. Microsoft: Help and Support: how to minimize metadata in Word 2002
  93. WordPerfect from Corel

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