GBS — Google, Baidu and Slaw, That Is

A comment in Boing Boing from a correspondent in China claimed that the Chinese don’t use Google but rather Baidu when they search. Whether or not that’s accurate — and whether it says anything about the importance of Google’s decision to conform to the Chinese government’s restraints and prior censorship — it made me go for a look. Chinese is, of course, within an ace of being the major language on the internet, and I’d never even taken their search engine for a spin.

I tested it with Slaw and, plus a couple of other variables, and came up nearly empty handed, perhaps not surprisingly. Here’s what I found:
Slaw on Baidu

Steve Matthews on Baidu

I wonder if it would be worth trying to insert a description of Slaw in Chinese characters that could be read more easily by their spiders.

At any rate, take a look at Baidu and see what you can make it do.

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