Palestinian Law

Having been reading so much lately about the recent Palestinian elections I tried this morning to see what legal material the Authority had on the Web. I went to Google of course first and looked for the Web-sites of both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas (idly wondering of course whether any of W’s troops were monitoring). Neither appear to have anything much in the way of legislative, court or general government information. The Authority Web site has a lot on the peace process and basic documents, UN resolutions and so forth, but not what you’d usually expect from a government site. The wonderful WorldLII, as usual, led me to what seems to be a terrific and comprehensive site from Birzeit University Institute of Law – “Al-Muqtafi” which includes legislation and cases back to the Ottoman period and up-to-date – the little I looked at seemed to be scanned originals too. There seems a lot available for free but legislation in particular seems only accessible to subscribers. No information about subscription price is included but I am going to inquire and likely subscribe for Osgoode.

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