Preserving Canada’s Legal Heritage

I fully concur with Neil Campbell in lauding LLMC – no praise is too much. I’d also like to support his comments about the preservation of the legal heritage – something I was also talking with Balfour Halevy about this afternoon. We at Osgoode are currently developing plans for a major expansion of our ‘knowledge management’ capability over the next year or two, investing heavily in state of the art software that will enable us to take on some really large scale digitization projects. I’ve mentioned before projects that I have in mind like a collection of Confederation-related documentation, but I believe that we’ll be able to go much further than this, especially given the unique resources of this collection, built up by Balfour. A one off idea that I’m currently discussing with some people is to digitize the Ontario Debates, making them available, facsimile, full-text and fully searchable – I believe that we’ll have the capability to handle that in the next year or so. What do others think of the usefulness of such a project? I’d welcome suggestions for other ‘biggies’.

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