BCCLS ‘What’S New Blog’ Now RSS Enabled!

[Cross posted on the VLLB]

After our recent kudos for the BCCLS website, I’m happy to announce that they are now offering yet another hidden gem from the BC legal market, this time for your RSS reader!

I just received an email from Mandy Ostick, Virtual Library Manager at the BCCLS, announcing that the What’s New blog (& the source for news items on the BCCLS homepage) is now available via RSS. While the feed is becoming less and less of the story here (see also UBC’s recent announcement), what’s more important is the source of this quality content.

Here’s the official description: “What’s New is a current awareness service from the BC Courthouse Library Society that covers notable cases, BC and federal legislation, recent reports, websites of interest to legal researchers, and our own news, including recent library acquisitions.”

And now here’s the unofficial scoop: Librarians & Techs at the BCCLS are on the ball, and spend their time watching what most Lawyers (especially here in BC) wish they had time for. I’ve blogged a number of items in the past that were first found by the gang over at the BCCLS. Simply put, if you’re RSS enabled and paying attention to Canadian law, I think this is a must have. (Subscribed!)

Anyone looking for a high quality, frequently updated Canadian legal news feed for their Intranet/Portal?


  1. Thanks Steve! Looks like it’s time to call our blog a blog in our description.

  2. That’s great! That’s exactly what I wish the Saskatchewan Law Society site would do. They already run what is essentially a blog (and a very good one … just the way you describe it, noting all the things lawyers would want to know about if they had the time to do so) and now all it needs is to be RSS enabled so I don’t have to remind most of our lawyers to check the Law Society site for news they need to know. Right now I send them the link as a reminder every Friday. Imagine how RSS would make this easier for everyone! Good for BC for being leaders!

  3. Has anyone compiled, or is compiling, a list of Canadian Legal News Feeds? In addition to subscribing, I would use such examples to point to a developing trend, as I hope to have Military Law related news syndicated by our Office, one day…

  4. I’ve certainly been thinking of it, but haven’t got around to doing it yet. Steve Matthews might have begun, given that he’s done a list of Canadian legal blogs. It might be a good time to start making a list, because the number of legal feeds is likely to be very small now and we could get on top of the situation before it explodes. Again, were we to do it, we should start with Steve, who has created a great string of feeds for his firm.

  5. I think its been in the back of everyone’s minds. :-)

    Looks like another ‘page’ for our Slaw portal. I’m happy to rough things out and seed it, then we can open it up for additions.