“Lib-dating” in Belgium: Book Lovers May Become Just Lovers

If I were in the dating market, this would be more intriguing to me than some of the other options out there.

“Basically it’s speed-dating, but in a new setting—with books,” is how Belgian librarian Eric Van der Straeten describes the “lib-dating” service he created with fellow librarian Danny Theuwis that pairs readers in a comfortable setting—a library. The duo already have played matchmaker to numerous couples and are now training librarians from as many as 300 facilities to set up their own dating service. Theuwis told the AP he places flowers, candles, and wine on each table, and pairs participants for ten-minute segments in which they discuss their favorite authors and books. Those desiring a second date place a note in the favorite book of their hopeful sweetheart.

Found at Library Journal.

ps: I chuckled at categorizing this under “finding”. It is just me or is it a Friday thing?

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