This Week’s Links: 060224

  1. Dirty Dancing quotes
  2. VLLB
  3. BCCLS
  4. British Columbia Courthouse Library Society – More News
  5. Vancouver Law Librarian Blog: UBC RSS Feeds Now Live
  6. Connie Crosby
  7. RocketBoom
  8. About Rocketboom
  9. Democracy: the free and open source Internet TV platform
  10. Rocketboom: Feb. 23, 2006
  11. Wikipedia: Streaming Media
  13. Streaming Media West
  14. KM World and Intranets
  15. senatorhung’s pad
  16. Library Journal: “Lib-dating” in Belgium: Book Lovers May Become Just Lovers
  17. Justice Rothstein
  18. Writely
  19. News Release – PMO – February 23, 2006
  20. Office of the Commissioner of Judicial Affairs 
  21. CCH decision
  22. Attorneys Are Not Knowledge Workers. Between Lawyers: technology + culture + law
  23. the [non]billable hour: Attorneys Aren’t Knowledge Workers – Ron Baker
  24. Information Management Now: In A Nutshell: Integrated Information Management
  25. Peter Drucker, The Effective Executive
  26. The SPARC Open Access Newsletter
  27. Open Access Law: Principles | Science Commons
  28. U.K. Parliamentary Committee Holds Hearings on Scientific Publishing
  29. Cites & Insights 5:4 – Library Access to Scholarship
  30. Peter Suber, Open Access Overview
  31. The Impact of Open Access Journals: A Citation Study from Thomson ISI [pdf]
  32. SSRN-Walled Gardens by Dan Hunter
  33. First Monday: Open Access to Law in Developing Countries
  34. First Monday: The Life of the Law Online
  35. First Monday: “Never Ending, Still Beginning”: A Defense of Electronic Law Journals from the Perspective of the E Law Experience
  36. PKP@SFU: Open Journal Systems
  37. UBC: Public Knowledge Project
  38. MIT Open Courseware
  39. PLOS – Public Library of Science
  40. Stargate
  41. Open Archives Initiative
  42. Directory of Open Access Journals
  43. Peter Suber
  44. Michael Geist
  45. Peter Binkley
  46. Walt Crawford
  47. Ariadne
  48. D-Lib Magazine
  49. The Journal of Electronic Publishing
  50. University Affairs: The Bottom Line on Open Access
  51. Institutional digital repositories/E-Archives : INFLIBNET’s initiative in India
  52. Free Pint Newsletter: “Digital Repositories in UK universities and colleges” By Neil Jacobs
  53. LLMC
  54. LIPA
  55. Wikipedia: Beyond the Fringe
  56. Canada: Canada’s Supreme Court Nominee to Face First Review
  57. New judge will face public hearing before taking seat on top court: Harper

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