ScanLII Project Update

By way of the CanLII listserv, Principal Editor Ivan Mokanov has just announced that the first two hundred Supreme Court of Canada decisions prior to 1985 have been digitized and published on the CanLII website.

If you surf to the SCC decisions page above, you can see that the years 1976 to 1984 have been fleshed out and are ready for more material. It’s good to see that while the decisions are scanned, they are also OCR’d and made available (and searchable) in full text format.

A great project, and very necessary… Encore CanLII, Encore!!!


  1. I noticed this too Steve, although I could not find “digitized” versions of decisions, and by “digitize” I mean PDF, which would not normally be a feature on CanLII, so I am assuming the decisions are only in HTML and that they are using the phrase “digitizing” to me “OCR’ing” (i.e., they are OCR’ing the decisions to convert them to HTML).


  2. Which would you rather have?

    [I think I’d rather have the OCR’d HTML versions…]