LEXIS and the Disappearance of Local Platforms

Slawyers will be interested in a report on the Australian Law Librarians Group website about issues relating to Lexis in that country and the disappearance of the local platform “Butterworths Online” in favour of a global platform. I refer in particular to this paragraph: “LexisNexis businesses in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, New Zealand, Canada and Austria are currently working through a similar process of retiring their original, locally-developed online legal research platforms (where they existed) and moving their entire customer base and online legal content libraries to the same platform that you know as LexisNexis AU. In New Zealand the platform is known as LexisNexis NZ, in the United Kingdom, it is known as LexisNexis UK, etc. It is the same online legal research platform with local modifications for local legal research requirements. As expanded in a further question, in the United States, Lexis.com will ultimately be moved to the same global platform.”


  1. Thanks for directing us to this, Nick. I’ve been itching to find out what to expect from Butterworths LexisNexis regarding Quicklaw and haven’t been able to get any information about what they’re calling their soon-to-be revealed “Global Platform”.