Ontario Archives at York?

The Toronto Star reports today that the hoped-for announcement about funding for the York subway line extension may be just the boost that’s needed for York University to win the bid for the new location for the provincial archives. Apparently there are several competitors for the projected new building but the ease of access to be provided by the new subway line would be a major factor in York’s favour. And there’s a huge vacant space adjacent to Osgoode Hall Law School and near the Scott Library that would be just perfect for the new building. I confess to already savouring the possibilities and synergies that could arise from having the archives next door – not to mention a subway stop!


  1. Nick I know that there’s precedent with the Public Records Office being in Kew, but one thing that I thought that both Washington and Ottawa got right was locating the National Archives in downtown (well on the Mall, and close to the Supreme Court of Canada).
    I find the location of the Toronto City Archives (at Casa Loma, in a largely residential area) really inconvenient, in comparison with the Ontario Provincial Archives at Grosvenor Street.
    But that inaccessibility pales when contrasted with having to go into Downsview to access traditional archives.
    I know that I’m biased because I cheer every time I compare my current travel with what was involved when I taught at Osgoode.
    But shouldn’t the needs of the users factor into the location of the facility?

  2. Simon – when the subway’s built it’ll be a 25 minute ride between the two Osgoode’s. Surely not so inconvenient?