This Week’s Links: 060324

  1. Honda (U.K.)
  2. CAUT Bulletin: Canada to Investigate Use of Thumbprint for Law School Test.
  3. Toronto Star: M. Geist: U.S. Patriot Act’s long reach
  4. Wikipedia: cage match
  5. Patriot Act
  7. Newsweek: S. Levy: (Some) Attention Must Be Paid!
  8. Encyclopedia Brittanica: response to Nature
  9. Nature: Brittanica and Wikipedia
  10. TaxProf Blog: Supreme Court Releases Transcript of Oral Argument in Cuno
  11. U. S. Supreme Court: oral arguments
  12. Ordering SCC transcripts from Canadian Parliamentary Affairs Channel
  13. New York Times: L. Greenhouse: Roberts Dissent Reveals Strain Beneath Court’s Placid Surface
  14. New York Times: A. Cowan: Librarian Is Still John Doe, Despite Patriot Act Revision
  15. chaos kitty’s WebZen
  16. Google Image Quiz
  17. Ironic Sans: Idea: Pre-pixelated clothes for Reality TV shows
  18. Sivacracy
  19. Center for Social Media: Best Practices in Fair Use [pdf]
  20. Microsoft Vista
  21. CANOE Money: A. Linn: Microsoft shares fall over Windows OS delay
  22. Wikipedia: Web 2.0
  23. Information Management Now
  24. The Future | JAG Legal Information Environment a discussion paper by the CIMP
  25. TiddlyWiki
  26. The Future | JAG Legal Information Environment a discussion paper by the CIMP: Web 2.0 and the Legal Profession
  27. TiddlyWiki-SE (Student Edition)
  28. Simon Chester
  29. CBA National: J. Mucalov: Commoditization of the Legal Profession [pdf]
  30. Ross Dawson’s Seven MegaTrends of Professional Services
  31. flintbox
  32. NELLCO
  33. Berkeley Electronic Press
  34. SSRN – Legal Scholarship Network
  35. PKP @ SFU
  36. S. Vaidhyanathan, “Critical Information Studies: A bibliographic manifesto” Cultural Studies 20 (2006): 292-315
  37. AustLII
  38. awsuit alleges Google improperly banishes Web sites
  39. v. Google
  40. The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel: Editor interviews Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin
  41. Supreme Court of Canada: Remarks of the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, P.C.
    Protecting Constitutional Rights: A Comparative View of the United States and Canada
  42. National Constitution Center: Justice Ginsburg Criticizes Congressional Measures to Bar Foreign Law from Rulings
  43. New York Times: A. Liptak: Public Comments by Justices Veer Toward the Political
  44. Justice Ginsburg Says Death Threat Fueled by Dispute Over International Law
  45. ASIL – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: “A decent Respect to the Opinions of [Human]kind”: The Value of a Comparative Perspective in Constitutional Adjudication
  46. South Africa’s 1996 Constitution
  47. Constitutional Court of South Africa: The Library
  48. Constitutional Court of South Africa: law clerks
  49. Congressman Ted Poe: Constitutional Guidelines For Supreme Court Decisions
  50. [nppryan] RE: [florida_support] Should Foreign Law Be Used to Interpret Our Constitution?
  51. Constitutional Court of South Africa: Judges: Interview
  52. Delahunty and Yoo, “Against Foreign Law” 29 Harvard Journal of Law and Publlic Policy 291 to 330 (2005)
  53. John Yoo
  54. Univ. of Berkeley, John Yoo: faculty profile
  55. Guardian Unlimited: J. Raban: Dictatorship is the Danger
  56. Nina Totenberg
  57. Wikipedia: network neutrality
  58. Wikipedia: net neutrality
  59. InfoWorld: Think tank forum: Net neutrality equals property theft
  60. Linux Journal: Doc Searls: Net Neutrality vs. Net Neutering
  61. Rob Hyndman: Posts tagged as ‘neutrality’
  62. Michael Geist: Coming Soon: The Two-Tiered Internet in Canada
  63. CIO Blogs: B. Worthen: Who owns the Internet? We have a map that shows you.

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