Legis Legs It

I was browsing through some online guides to legal research and for Canadian legislation got referred by one to the www.legis.ca site, a place I hadn’t visited for quite some time. So I went for a look. It’s gone. Well, the content’s gone, replaced with a curious mix of advertising and ravings — a folie á deux, if you will:

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This gives you the flavour. There are a dozen Google ads respecting debts and credit counselling, and then paragraphs of unhappy nonsense.

In case you don’t remember the original site, here’s a link to an archive of the original (Oct. 2001) courtesy of the Wayback Machine. Things stay on the straight and narrow up to and including the last archive entry, which is for almost exactly a year ago (March 31, 2005).

Looking up www.legis.ca in whois gave me a Montréaler who last registered the domain for one year in August of 2005.

legis.ca was a site “powered” by Lexum and financed by the federal government, two significant entities neither of which is exactly daft when it comes to registering and protecting domain names. So it’s something of a mystery as to how this one got away. I could spin a tale about how this might have come about, but it would be just that — a tale. If anyone knows and can tell the story, I’d be interested to hear it. At any event, it’s a sad thing that such a good name has gone bad.


  1. Unfortunately, funding for the legis.ca website was over for several years and we simply didn’t renewed the domain name. We thought updated alternatives were now available to access the links provided on this page.

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Pierre-Paul.