Librarian on the Verge of KM

As many of us are on the ‘verge’ of the CALL conference later this week, and in particular, the KM pre-conference session, let me point to one of Connie’s recent Tao of Law Librarianship articles on LLRX.

In her latest installment, titled Librarian on the Verge of KM, Connie talks about the role of the Librarian in KM efforts, and how many Librarians now have an opportunity to expand their firm presence. As expected, I’d have to agree. And to go a bit further, I’d say that with a supportive firm culture and strong firm relationships, you may have an opportunity to lead those efforts.

If you’ve been a law librarian for a while, you’re likely already involved with memo databases, opinion databases, and in a number of cases, firm precedents. Tack in some custom collections for practice areas, expertise tracking, and working closely with other administrative groups (read HR, Marketing), and what the heck did you think KM was anyway? ;-) [yes, there’s more, but let’s not complicate… ]

Over the next 10 years, law firms are facing a scarcity of professional talent – in all professions. The trend towards multi-role individuals who have ‘vision’, can put things into context, and have long established intra-firm relationships, is only going to get stronger. It may or may not always be called KM, but the alignment of firm knowledge with business goals is definitely going to be valued.

I hope more Librarians will aspire to be a member of their firm’s KM team, and as a profession, that we all aspire to expanded roles… in any direction.

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