Blogger Meetup in Edmonton

Well, we were a bit disjointed, but so was most of the evening. We loaded onto lovely city buses from the conference hotel, the Westin, and had a nice 1/2 hour ride to the West Edmonton Mall. We entered via the “Bourbon Street” entrance, and trailed behind our hosting vendor. It was quite amusing seeing the long trail of librarians walking through the mall, up the escalator, and into Red’s. And to make us even more conspicuous, we had been given Olympic-type medals saying “Committed to Excellence” to sport around our necks.

When we arrived we stood in line to get in, we stood in line to get drinks, then we stood in line to get food. Bloggers were scattered about, and some were nowhere to be seen. A number of us finally got settled at a table when we were dragged apart to play games (bowling, air hockey, video racing) throughout this massive sports bar/games emporium.

I stayed and chatted with Michel-Adrien Sheppard (a.k.a. Library Boy), librarian at the Supreme Court of Canada, since we had never really previously touched base when he still lived in Toronto. At one point I went over and met our special guest for the evening, Olympic medalist and curler Amy Nixon. Amy was a real delight–she is currently articling at Field Law in Edmonton and seems to have a particular love of research. Shauna took a photo of the two of us holding her Olympic medal (well, probably others had their photos taken, too). I heard from her how supportive her firm has been to her athletic endeavours, and how much she likes it there. Wendy Reynolds and I encouraged her to look us up in Toronto if she wanted tours around the Bay Street firms so she could get an idea of the contrast to what she is used to. It was a real pleasure to speak with her. And it was kind of funny the resemblance between us–it was like talking to my younger, thinner sister (if I had a sister).

I went back to the blogger table, and we were joined again by Steve Matthews and Jim Milles after the finished the sporting events. senatorhung made an appearance but was soon off to the casino. Michael Lines had put in an early appearance and then disappeared….no doubt he was getting rested up for his two presentations tomorrow. The rest were MIA.

Subjects covered during the evening included ways our profiles have been raised because of blogging, when we find the time to blog, how we should start podcasting, and why the heck we can’t seem to convince other law librarians to blog. Oh, plus we compared gossip on other bloggers (but no one here!), most of whom we’ve never met and much of which was gleaned from their blogs in the first place. Beware what you post to your blog!

Our brains were a little too full from earlier Web 2.0 and XML sessions to get our head around any other official topics. Perhaps next time we should set an agenda. One thing we all agreed on: the lunch talk about the life cycle of bison was the best thing we saw all day.

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