Global Legal Monitor

Everyone’s reporting this, but just in case someone in our broadcast area hasn’t heard: The Library of Congress is publishing a Global Legal Monitor every month:

The Global Legal Monitor, an electronic publication of the Law Library of Congress, is intended for those who have an interest in legal developments from around the world…

This online publication will be updated frequently, drawing upon information selected from the Global Legal Information Network, official national legal publications, and reliable press sources. Occasionally, a special section may be added to include lectures, conferences, symposia, and exhibits on timely legal topics sponsored by the Law Library of Congress.

The link for 1 G.L.M. 2006 is
There doesn’t appear to be a link to the GLM as such, and so it’s not clear from the site how further copies are to be obtained, nor is there any way evident to get a subscription.

Two amusing things: the very first item is about the nomination of Judge Rothstein for the Supreme Court of Canada… not the appointment, mind you, merely the nomination (in relation to which Slaw does not get a mention, alas).

The other amusing thing is that it appears this is the second run at producing a Global Legal Monitor: I found one on the site for February 2006, sporting a very different look, and also claiming to be Volume 1. There’s no link to it I could find on the front page of the LOC site; I happened on it by looking at the raw directory listings for “reports,” which ought not to have been available to me.


  1. Ah Simon you should have fished about more. Try

    It seems to be spottily updated and only intermittently publicly accessible.

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