Eight Reasons Solo Lawyers Should Use Law Libraries

Eight Reasons Solo Lawyers Should Use Law Libraries is a fantastic guest blog post on My Shingle.com by Mary Whisner of the M. G. Gallagher Law Library at the University of Washington School of Law, which I found courtesy of beSpacific.com (May 14/06).

Here is the summary:

Book stacks at Pasadena Public Library - photo by libraryman posted on Flickr reused under Creative Commons license agreement.One. Librarians.

Two: Books.

Three. Databases.

Four. Audiovisual materials.

Five. Space.

Six. Networking.

Seven. Services at a Distance.

Eight. Training.

Okay, some of this is obvious; however, her explanations are what make this really stand out. My favourite point is under “Space”:

* Many county law libraries also have conference rooms that you can reserve for meetings with clients or colleagues. Pretty neat if you don’t want them to see your ironing board and that lunatic cat in your home office.

Heh. Her examples are American, but much of it still applies to those in Canada. At the end of the article she explains what she calls “public law libraries” with general examples. Any solo lawyers I have ever met have always been very appreciative of libraries, a resource that those in larger firms sometimes take for granted. I encourage you to have a look at this well-crafted post.


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