1. OK, Connie, is the graphic a reference to the Mars Cafe in Toronto?

  2. You’ve caught me out! I’ve been moonlighting as Jim Milles’ “Canadian correspondent” for a little while. He’s even given me theme music if you look back in previous episodes. It is pretty straightforward how it is done: Jim calls me using the voip application Skype and records our conversation. We’ve also tested out conversation with three people, all using Skype fo free.

    The graphic–are you referring to the one on Check This Out! ? It is the blog’s logo and it is the abbreviation CTO! Jim ran a contest and someone at the University at Buffalo law library won with that design.

    T-shirts, mugs, etc. with the CTO! logo are available from Cafe Press if you are interested: . One of the T-shirts and a button were included in the “blogger’s bag o’ stuff” prize for first correct Mystery Blogger guess at the CALL conference.


  3. Re: MARS

    Or, if you are referring to this photo on my blog, MaRS is the new tech research “incubator” facility at College St. at University Ave. in Toronto where a conference I attended last week, Mesh, was held. The building is an old facade, but has a brand new high-tech brand with space for small businesses, support services such as banking and law firms, and meeting space and conference facilities. Oh, and a food court. Pretty wild. No relation to Mars Cafe as far as I know.

  4. Some of the links in my previous comment aren’t working. Let’s try again:

    photo from my blog

    Mesh conference

    Hopefully these work!