Stephen’s Lighthouse

A week or two ago Connie posted a question, which I was not then able to address a comment to, about how we keep up with Web 2.0. A suggestion is Stephen’s Lighthouse, Stephen Abram’s blog. I always find him to be a great source of information on this and other new developments generally (as he is VP of Innovation at SirsiDynix). And, by virtue of being Stephen Abram, he is always fun to read/listen to; I’ve seen him at SLA and CLA events a number of times. He frequently does informative presentations on various topics including Web 2.0. Edmonton gets him next week (June 1) through a presentation for CASLIS and GELA on “Web 2.0: the Library 2.0 in Your Future”.


  1. Now that you point it out, Kim, he is definitely one of my sources. I can’t quite keep up reading his posts every day, but I check in every couple of weeks to see what’s up.

    Also Michael Stephen’s website Tame the Web.

    I always dream about touring around on speaking engagements and talking to librarians across the continent as these guys do. 8-)