Australian Law on the Radio

For some years now the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (or ABC, also known as Auntie), Australia’s national public broadcaster (not to be confused with its US namesake) has broadcast a weekly radio programme, the Law Report, dedicated to topical legal issues. Transcripts of programmes from 1999 on, and more latterly audio files as well, can be downloaded. Its an excellent way to stay on top of Australian legal issues of the moment. The last programme , today’s (June 13th) covers the ongoing Australian Wheat Board inquiry (into allegations of bribery etc) and a conversation with the South African Corrections Minister. I’d be interested in hear from SLAWers of similar programmes in Canada and elsewhere.


  1. Every Tuesday afternoon, Radio 4 has an hour on The Law In Action at

    The Archive at reveals that the programme is as much about explaining legal processes as talking about specific cases.

    Joshua Rozenberg who writes for the Daily Telegraph and is the former BBC’s Legal Affairs correspondent has broadcast on the International Criminal Court at

  2. The web site of Canada’s Cable Public Affairs Channel , which airs coverage of some Supreme Court of Canada hearings, has an archive of some of its public affairs and political programming. (Click on “Video on Demand” on the home page.) So this is not as specifically legal as is the content of the other two broadcasters, but some of the programming likely contains similar sorts of discussion. (I had thought CPAC also carried a discussion program hosted by a lawyer, but I don’t see this listed on the site, so either my memory fails me or the program is discontinued.)

    Also, CBC has an extensive archive on its site: Again, not specifically legal topics or discussion, but there is really a large amount and variety of digital content available for viewing on demand. There is something of a topical listing as well as a search tool which might make it easier to access legal programming.

  3. Sorry, the CPAC web site is at